Your life on earth, is your choice!


Hmm…let me take a deep breath of the air of goodness that hover around me, on the earth I live…. :D

ysI have come up with a clutter of thoughts that was messing up my mind and thoughts for the past many years…yes, I know you might be wondering what it might be..Well..yes as usual I am putting it up in an unique way. I am giving this before a valentines day! :) I thought about speaking of the life that you choose for yourself and what you surround you.. What is outside is a different story, what is inside is what that matters. Let me cut short! I want more readers! :P We all  are surrounded by different lives around us. Each passing people is like each passing story around us. So you may be surrounded by good, bad, love, lust, misery, optimism, pessimism, tragedy, disasters, dangers, fatal diseases, doubt, faith and various other emotions. These are the different vibes that you get from different people.

Now what you choose from here DEFINES YOU! In fact, what you choose affect your journey of life.  You have a wide variety of choice. You can decide to change your life before you. The remote of your life lays in your When you choose the goodness in life, you see goodness around you. When you choose love in your life you can see love around you. ( therefore with all love in my heart I wish you a happy VALENTINES DAY! :) )When you choose lust, all you see is lust around you. This reminds me of a quote that I came across in a site, and that is  “YOUR THOUGHTS REFLECT YOUR LIFE!”. I feel that this is true to some extent. Well we have the democracy to think THE WORLD in our head. It is we, who decide what part of the world we would like to live in. Do we like to live in a world full of love, happiness, smiles, kindness, faith etc.? Or do we like to live in the darker part of the world full of lust, sadness, curse, misery, gossips, back bites, cheaters etc? if we were living in the above mentioned dark world, then its not too late to switch over the lighter part. You are the one who is deciding the fate. So you can take the decision now! If people like you and me had chosen the lighter part of the world, the world becoming a beautiful place would have been a reality! Let me put it in simpler terms. As an ice cream have a variety of flavours, and choice of the flavour you eat is YOUR CHOICE! you will enjoy the the taste of the ice cream better! If you order the tastiest flavor, you will enjoy the best. or if you would like to try a change, it can either put a sweet or sour look on your face. I encourage you to choose the positive aspect of life and make the world a better place. :)

   Well.. thats all folks! celebrate LOVE this valentines day! May your heart and soul be enriched with the truth and purity of love! May God bless you to understand the purity :)



Disappointments have crossed our paths many a time. Each time we try to escape its despair by immersing ourselves into something more sobering. I tried a more depressing method, and that is to think about all the failures in my lifetime and calling myself an all-time failure :( but I don’t know, what happens next is that some way or the other I will be emotionally inspired the next moment. It could be a verse from the bible, or a speech, or some small instances in front of me done by the people around me. I learn from it and mentally note to share the inspiration to other desperate people I encounter.

“Gifted hands: The Ben Carson story”

This movie came to me as one of the inspirations I needed at such an emotional juncture. It was a total uplift for my heart and it revived my soul. This tempted me to speak about it on a public space. So I decided to share the thoughts that crossed my broken heart at that moment, over here….my favorite public space :) . There are lots of quotes, words and emotions here that leave you to ponder over.

                                                                                  ImageThe first thing that captures your notice is that Benjamin Carson was a child, who was a total nothing , that have grown up to a someone who, “if can’t find a solution, then no one can”. What a twist uh? :) That’s what I am talking about! Ben’s mother was a woman, who wasn’t able to read and write that she “forgets to get her reading glasses” each and every time when the boys ask her a doubt, was his backbone to success. The movie shows various stages in Ben’s life. As a primary schooler, the only one to get an F. As a growing teen, a very short-tempered one. The movie shows how he copes up with his failures. He thought he wasn’t able to do anything b’coz he can’t “imagine” anything. In a church he finds out what imaginations are like and is happy that he can imagine. His father was found to be divorced from his mother when she learned about “his other family”. His mother used to tell him “You have got everything in here..” tapping his little forehead. So when he grows up he becomes a brain surgeon. When one of his patients ask him ” Do you pray doctor?” he replies calmly with a smile “everyday..” :) (that made smile inside.. :) ) . Whenever he perform a surgery he plays a relaxing classical music, which is his favorite, and speaks out the procedures he do, if it is a complex one. In one of the occasions he loses his unborn baby twins, which makes him cry to his mother “There was nothing that I could do..” After that incident, out of his wife’s persuasion, he puts on a smile and goes to the hospital saying “I will make up for the missed duty time.” A total heart-broken time, where people like us would think of sitting in a corner and think about popping some depression pills. Last but not the least, after the success of his complex surgery, he comes out amidst the flashlights and fame and hugs the two important women in his life… his mother and his wife ( a scene I loved :) ) This would be my dream too…If at all in a successful moment (if it happens :P ) I would like to hug the two important men in my life! :) my dad and my life partner (Mom would be given another special hug! ;) ) That’s all what I have in store now… will catch you all afterwards :)

P.S : for who don’t know..this is a real story! :)

Image   ImageImage

Morals from my professional status.


I know I had been out for a long time. I just want to make sure that I collect a hoard of experiences to share with you all :) . Well, I was busy settling myself in a new place and adapting myself to a new experience of life. ( Whew…its all settled peacefully.) So now let’s start with the chirrupings (just thought about sparing my best friend from it for few hours!) :P

Living along with my friends, in another place apart from home, has been one of the few dreams in my life that I have been looking forward to. I was very scared to take the first baby step towards it as I had been enjoying the warmth of the nest that I had been in all these years. Not to forget the protective cuddles given by my parent birds. Atlast… I decided to open my wings and fly, keeping in mind the flying lessons that I got as a child from my elders. It has not been bad till now, but yes, I faced another perspective of the professional life I chose.

Meeting sick people, hearing their discomforts, studying their treatment chart or the drug chart, deciding whether the prescribed drugs are rational or not, picking up one of the individual’s disease and doing a detailed study on them and presenting it as a power point presentation in front of the teacher and the students, has become the daily routine of my life. Now I know why the Heavenly one has put me to this track. He heard the silent whisper of my heart, to help his people. It could have been in any form. But when I asked him for a perfect profession, he linked my inner self of compassion with external self of a job and my liking towards speaking. So that my job will never turn out to be the normal routine in my life but will be a path to meet different people with different stories. ( as I loved to! ) :)

One of the experiences, that I have encountered, was a death of one patient during one of our rounds. I have seen this old woman with her husband beside her, from the day 1 of my rounds of my second posting. I saw how the old man lovingly patted up his ailed wife to see the doctor who was visiting her. Besides he was looking really worried about her condition. I was impressed by their true love for each other, something which is lacking in today’s young generation. She died due to hyperglycemia. Her husband sat wailing outside when the doctors told him that there was nothing that they could do.. He choked, with the immense sadness that he kept gripped inside him for all these days, while explaining about his wife’s sudden demise to his son. This experience shook me a little, while I never showed my true feelings outside, I bore an expressionless ‘professional’ face and walked off. When I shared this with my best friend, she said that it was nothing and I had more to see. Image

She shared her experiences of her posting in the oncology department, how people with a stomach ache came to face the bitter reality of cancer. She explained of a man she saw outside the doctor’s OP crying with his hands gripped to his mouth, wiping away the tears as it came, holding onto the truth that his beloved is leaving him to the heavens. Another man who spoke to her cheerfully, telling her that he was impressed by her confident outlook and well spoken English. His wife who stood next to him had an old boring face. She appeared to look older than him. While this cheerful man was taking to her about the scope she will have in her profession, the nurse injected 5-flurouracil (a cancer drug) to his radial arm. After he left my friend curiously took out his case sheet and studied the diagnosis and the drug chart. He had stomach cancer. :(

I know that these are not the only places where life bangs a hard lesson onto your face. But these little hospital experiences shoved onto me a hard realization. Our life in this earth is just for moments (I know its not a new realisation. ) We never know what will be awaiting us in the future. We have been saved from the so called dangers, disasters, fatal diseases (till now), lustful looks, evil traps and evil men. As one of the lepers in the bible, came to praise God after he realized that he had been healed from the deadly disease, we should also thank Him for each and every second of the blessing in our life. Even while I am typing out this, He is protecting me, guarding me. I am thankful to Him for everything in my life, My parents, their love, my sibling, my loving cousins, friends who love me, health, wealth and everything else. In this era of rape, lust, fake loves and diminishing friendships, we are blessed to lead a beautiful life. Will hopefully see you all in my next post. Hope I conveyed my thoughts and experiences to you in a good way. Let these thoughts stay imprinted in your hearts as it is in my mind. :)

Myths about food! :)

Trrinngg!! its time people for hearing about something healthy and helpful for your lifestyle :) So the pharmacist in me in unveiling its second personality.. :D Today I am going to bust out some myths about the food.. So here goes some of the myths that you have heard about…

Food, as you know, is an inevitable part of our life. It is the fuel to our body. The body, to sustain its daily flow, receives energy from food. Some people have it as a part of life. While some people have it as a part of them :P While some saints goes for days without food, to attain eternity. In its different forms, food plays a vital role in ratifying the life on earth. Its unto us, to adapt the choices of our food. Even here you can find distinctive characters. Some people choose it depending on the taste and the pleasure it gives and some limit their diets to green leaves. While some is careful about the amount of food. Now let’s get back to the topic. Today I’m gonna explore some ten myths about food that I have come across as an entity. Here are they…

#1: Drinking water in between your meals will mess up your digestion

This one been passed down from generations. Even I have been advised by my elders to not to drink water in between meals. While drinking water will fill you up, it certainly will not damage your digestive process. It can do your system some good. So ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

#2: Having fruits immediately after a meal is not good for you

It was my normal routine to have some dessert after food. Even after hearing this myth, I feel like to have fruits after meals. If you think that this is a myth, then you are going to be surprised. There is actually some truth in it. Experts advice having fruits immediately after a meal may cause digestive problems like gas and acidity. Fruits also hamper with the digestion of certain nutrients which is why it’s advisable to wait an hour before reaching for that fruit bowl after a heavy meal  :)

#3: Papaya should be avoided during pregnancies

This myth is extremely common in India. I have heard the elders advising the pregnant women not to take papaya as it may seriously affect their pregnancy.While raw papaya or even a semi ripe one has been known to trigger uterine contractions, a completely ripe papaya is rich in vitamins and minerals which are actually beneficial for pregnant women. However, if you are pregnant, check with your doctor before including papaya in your diet.

#4:The skin of an apple contains no nutrients

Another myth that has been heard by me. My mother always used to peel the skin of apple telling that it doesn’t contain any required vitamins. While I was browsing this particular site (from which the information is derived) they say that it is infact a myth. The apple peel is known to have a higher concentration of antioxidants than the flesh. While we jump into the conclusion and take a bite into an unpeeled fresh apple, just remember that apples nowadays are polished with wax to make them look shiny and glossy. So rinse your apple properly before eating. ( why apples are so nutritious here)


#5:Eating after 7 pm will make you fat                                                                                                                

Whenever I visit some weight loss sites, they say that eating after 7pm or 8pm will make you fat. I ‘did’ believe it, but I never made any conscious effort to not to eat after 8pm. Infact I increased my food after the sunset :P Well experts say that its not when you eat that can make you fat, but what you eat and the amount of calories you consume makes you fat. The only thing late night eating does is hampering with your sleep pattern. ( more about healthy midnight snacks)

#6:Having milk immediately after eating fish 

There are so many beliefs associated with this particular myth.  Some believe that the combination will make you sick or will make spots appear on the skin. There is no scientific reason given why you cannot have milk and fish together.

#7: You should not swim/shower immediately after a meal

This is also another advice given by my parents, grandparents and all other elderly relatives. Well, a bit of browsing also told me that this myth is however likely to be true. The site from which this information is given, however gives some other concept saying to go right ahead for a leisurely dip after a meal. This is what they claim.. “The myth says that blood flows to your stomach during digestion, reducing blood flow to other muscles which may lead to cramps and drowning. Experts maintain that it’s not just swimming which makes you feel uncomfortable, any intense work out immediately after eating may induce vomiting and cramps. So if you’re out for a leisurely dip after a meal, go right ahead!”

#8: Having chocolate causes acne

I love chocolate! :P I always feel guilty whenever I grab a chunk of auburn cocoa filled rich, alluring bar of chocolate and melt in its sapidity. It helps you to gain weight ( a small tip from me :P )  This myth doesn’t have any conclusive scientific evidence to back it. Experts maintain that different foods may cause your skin to breakout into pimples and for some people that food just may be chocolate. ( tips to help soothe acne prone skin.) So all the chocolate lovers…..we can relax! :D

#9: Having kesar (saffron) during pregnancy makes your baby fair

Another common myth, extremely heard in India, especially the rural parts. Milk and saffron may be good for you,  but it will not  help your baby become fairer. The skin colour of the baby depends solely on the parents genes.

#10: If you swallow a chewing gum, it stays in your stomach for seven years before it gets digested

I have heard a different myth, that swallowing a chewing gum is fatal. It  frightened me more when I swallowed a gum surprisingly. It is true that your body cannot digest a chewing gum, but it won’t take seven years to digest, that’s quite unusual!  It undergoes normal routines of digestive process intact and gets excreted through the feces. I would warn you though, if you’re going to swallow large amounts of chewing gum, it may result in intestinal blockage.. :P

That’s it..I have done my job in passing out a healthy information. Now its upto your senses to accept it, follow it or ignore it :) I would like to know your feedback regarding this..

This information have been solely derived from mDhil..which one of my reference sites.. :) Just check out the additional links provided here if you have ample amount of time to check on your health..Have a good day!

One silent message..

I ran with fear..I didn’t know where I am going..I could feel tears down my cheeks, the mirrors around me reflected my bloodshot eyes, I could feel my heart beating.. I was not able to catch my breath. I least had an idea of what was happening, but I knew that I was fleeing for life…I crouched in darkness..I could hear footsteps behind me..Fear engulfed me..I was sweating, panting, combating to save my life.. I could see the uniformed men and apprehend the sound of gunshots.. For hours I was trying to find a secure dwelling somewhere in the city… Atlast I managed to sneak out of my city and rush out to nowhere.. I ran, ran and ran without any stop..  My legs were failing me and my body was protesting..But my soul was not ready to give up.  I thought I reached my destination. Far away I could make out an outline of the building, which my brain perceived as ‘one of my friend’s apartment’.. In the dark night, studded with the stars and the moon forming the crux, I ran with utmost fear into the building.. I raced upstairs praying that I should not invite any attention..or else I would have to pay a huge price!!!!! I gave a soft knock on the door only to find the door was ajar.. My friend was not inside the apartment.. A posh one bedroom flat with the mess of her living style.. “Will this be enough to harbor me for my small nap?” was my abrupt speculation. My heart decided to brace my intuition.. After an onerous midnight, I decided to linger there.. I dragged myself to her bed and closed my eyes for a brief but semi-conscious nap ( semi-conscious for the sound of the gunshots) AND THEN……… I HEARD IT!!!

I woke up with a start only to realize I have been sweating from a NIGHTMARE!! Thank God it was just a nightmare! only that it seemed real…. I relaxed myself, to find that I was sleeping safely on my bed, inside my beautiful home..  Now my home seemed more beautiful than usual.. I was thankful to find that I don’t have to run for my life..

For a second, just think yourself in the place of those poor and innocent people who has pay for their lives in different war torn countries…Those feelings are my message for this blog….


some piece of thoughts for the disheartened ones..doing my part in sharing the message..

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Today’s Prayer
I praise you Lord, for who you are; the Alpha, Omega, Beginning and the End, Savior and Lord, you’re my best friend; Creator of all. Thank you for being my best friend forever. Thank you for being my heavenly Father, always present and always there for me. Thank you for being my sustainer and protector. And thank you for saving me and setting me upon the solid Rock–Jesus. In His name I pray. Amen.

Seeing the Works of God
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1, by Os Hillman

Others went out on the sea in ships; they were merchants on the mighty waters. They saw the works of the Lord…. - Psalm 107:23-24a

When you were a child, perhaps you may have gone to the ocean for a vacation. I recall wading out until the waves began crashing on my knees. As long as I could…

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The New year resolution!

The year has ended..with lots of happening towards the end..there may have been many occurrences in between, that may passed unnoticed to our five senses. I may have been deaf, blind and dumb that I may have not heard or seen many of the tragic lives of the people around me. Why feel compassionate when I was not able to do anything but pray for them? I felt helpless..I prayed for those people who lost their lives in a disaster, irrespective of the happenings..whether it is the children of an elementary school, or many children of poor countries who die each day or many poor people who live their life in fear in different war torn countries or scores of innocent ladies being abused physically or emotionally. I don’t know what to do other than pray for those people..I can only whisper “Lord! Save the world!”

The mishaps have been shouted out by the media attracting the commoners. Many ‘spoke out’ their compassion via the virtual world. Many folks, like me, watched the emotional catastrophe in muteness. The weak ones (as they call) like the women and children are easily targeted and revenge is flushed out on them. Some scream “What is the world coming to?” while others see this as a sign for the end of the world. For the latter, I say that all these had been happening from the beginning of the world. But you will say that now it is getting worse..or turning for the worse. I will strongly disagree with you then,because I have lots of unheard stories of sufferings with me. I don’t know how some people can be so cruel. Men, on the other hand, fight for protecting their dear ones and end in bereavement. The evil triumph over the butchery of the pristine. Some men act like an evil god showing their power over weak women. I am talking about the recent update of a gang rape case in Delhi. What happened there was another form of revenge or a violent form of lust. Those men tried to justify it by saying that the woman ‘needed to be taught a lesson’. May I ask “FOR WHAT?”. For what should the woman learn a lesson? For defending herself or her friend? Or for the feeling of something wrong when the bus took the wrong direction? For what she needs to be taught a lesson? For trying to protect her virtue from some VIRTUE LESS MEN??? Its not she who should be taught a lesson..its THEM, who NEED a big lesson!!!! and not a simple hanging will do it..TORTURE! torture them in the same way she has been tortured.. Torture them so that they know the value of women..They should be tortured to that extent that such men and many others will learn to respect women.

Killing and torturing of the innocent will not make you a king nor a queen. If you want respect, you should give respect. Respect is not something taken forcibly. A respect that is taken demanded vigorously will only gain hate and contempt from others. If you want true respect start guiding others to a good path or give others the respect that they deserve..when you respect them, you will get back their respect naturally. You have no right to underestimate others. No one is born the same. As  I have mentioned in my previous post, “Everyone is created unique” You can see it for yourself by careful surveillance of a room crowded with people. You will see different types of personality in one sitting. It can be a crowded clinic waiting room, or a hospital, or a bus stop, or an airport, or a platform at the train station. If you are bored in an airplane (or in a train or bus for that matter) you can look around and see a more number of personalities. I do these kind of observations and always meet new personalities. I try to know many characters. I try to overlook their negativity and encourage their positiveness. This is what we have to do, if we want to change the world. Firstly change yourself! Secondly smile :) Thirdly, give respect. Fourthly, encourage the positive characters in a person. Most importantly ‘LOVE’ others with your whole heart and FEAR GOD.


With all these, try to step into a beautiful New year, which will be filled with prosperous as well as depressed days. As any other year, we will ride the emotional roller coaster and we will gain new experiences. Learn from all our experiences and guide others. Love everyone and most importantly pray to God and trust in Him. With these words, I end my joyride and Wish you all a BEAUTIFUL AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! :D